💿Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal Vince Vatican of Heavy Metal band VATICAN! Let's start talking about the early days of the band. When is this all begun? Which bands have influenced you? The band was formed in 1985 or 1986 depending who you ask. I know it was shortly after I graduated from High School, so I guess 1985. I had been playing in a cover band and wanted to take music to the next level and give it a shot a trying to write original songs. I had been playing with a very gifted musician who played base in my cover band his name is Lenny Round, we had no Idea of what we were doing as far a writing original music, though we both knew this had to be done to get to the next level. I have a friend named Mark Brown, who said he wanted to take a crack a singing, and he knew a drummer who was looking for a band, his name was Craig. I had written a song called "Repent or Burn" kinda a Dio type of song, honed the composition and man, I was a song writer! Soon after a song called " At The Alter" and then " The Beast". All in the Gothic Theme, go figure. We record a demo entitled (Repent or Burn) as so we could get some sort of exposure, and to possibley get a opening slot in the Cleveland metal scene. At this time we had a some what of a manager who was pushing us to go all original. You see we were still playing cover tunes as Mark and I continued to write this original songs. ( Repent or Burn ) was a 2 song demo with and instrumental entitled " Hells Fire". We needed a name for the band and Mark was like " let's us it Vatican, your the stand out musician" I did not want to be like Vandenberg, though the name just stuck. The band's that influenced me at this time were Ronnie James Dio, Shok Paris, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Malice and W.A.S.P. 💿 In these days we're listening to your last album MARCH OF THE KINGS, a smart release. Are you satisfied about fans reaction? Can you tell us about this full-length and its composition process? Very satisfied with the reaction! The process, let me sum it up like this, 2 studio's in America we recorded in over a period of almost two years, 1 studio in Innsbruck Austria, and 3 different engineer's. As for the composition process, we had many of these songs we were already playing live, though never recorded. A fan had emailed me some demo's he had from back in the day, and Brain and I said "why don't we play these songs anymore", I basically said I had forgot most of them songs. So we had complied about 15 tunes to choose from including 4 new tunes (Black Mask of Fear, Stigmata, Falling From Grace, and Sea of Faces ) while in the recording process we recorded an instrumental entitled (Opus) which is our warm up song when we practice. The engineer was like " let's keep this instrumental", we did. It was different. 💿 MARCH OF THE KINGS is out on Pure Steel Records. Can you tell us somethin'about relationships with this label? Great people, I can not say enough good things about Andres Lorenz! I am extremely close to the American Rep to the label Kevin Beckrich an outstanding man! Overall I can tell you, they know what they are doing. 💿 A lot of years to have a full-length; Why would not have this chance in eighties? In the 80's the market was flooded with band's seeking a label for them to sign them. Vatican played showcases for some major labels, including EMI London, Warner Bros. and Earache though it seemed to be always the same shit, I'll get back with you. We had every intention to record a full-length record, though our direction started to deviate, and I can honestly say, after pounding metal for years, I wanted to do something more commercial while the others wanted to stay thrashy. 💿 The real "news" in music industry is the return of vinyl; What's your feeling with this classic format? I grew up listening to records, and when the CD format came to rise, I was extremely impress with the sound quality! Though as time went on, and I became more music savvy in regards to the lost analog warmness, and when Cult Metal Classic came out with Metalmorphosis on vinyl, kinda blew my mind. I have many friend who have bought the " March of the Kings" vinyl and are very impressed with the overall quality. 💿 You come from Ohio..Can you tell us something local hard'n'heavy scene, both now and in the past? In the 80's there was a incredible metal scene in Cleveland as was in Columbus! Huge shows, local band's galore! Major act's were coming through the cities, and every local band's were opening these show's, it was crazy. I used to go to these show's and play pole with the guy's from Warrant, smoke weed with the guy's from Exodus, and at one point had a few cocktails with David Lee Roth. My personal favorite local metal act was Shok Paris! I would watch these guy's close while they were on stage. Their guitarist Ken Erb, had the sound and the swagger. I would say he was my biggest influence, this guy could rip solo's with great stage persona while he would drink beer! The singer of Shok Paris Vic Hix, one of the great metal vocals out there, and still has it to this day. Early day, were great! As for the metal scene today, there is still a scene in Cleveland. Thank God for Bill Peters! I don't believe as big as it once was, but just as powerful. I can tell you this, Shok Paris is finishing up their up coming album as I answer these question's and when they pop, I have a feeling it's only going to be for the greater good of the local metal scene. Christ, I have been waiting for this return for years. You also have Wretch who are also on Pure Steel, they put on one hell of a concert in the local club's as does Sunless Sky! So yes, I would say the metal scene is here to stay! 💿 Can you tell us something next live gigs? As of right now, I can not. The Bass player & Vocalist of Vatican Brain is currently paying in another band on tour, and have not spoken to him since our last show in April. I have kept busy writing new songs and arrangements. The plan was for Brain to finish his thing with his band, and we get together in Sept. to rehears for the new album. I personally felt jibed, having our first full length record out in March and not being able to support it, due to Brain making his commitment with his band in Nov. but that's the business we're in. I hoping to get out this fall and play some shows. Thank you so much for this interview Giovanni, with any luck I'll meet you in the near future sir.

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