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💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal Hell Fire, Heavy Metal prodigy from San Francisco! Let’s start talking about the early days of the band; When is this all begun? Hell Fire got started when I replied to an online ad our bass player Herman posted looking to start a heavy metal band. We had a few different members in the beginning, really growing as a band and as musicians. Jake and Mike joined after Hell Fire had been together for a couple years, we use to play a lot with their former band Hysteria. 💿 We’re all in waitin’ for your forthcoming new second album called “FREE AGAINout on August 18th. Can you say us somethin’about that and its composition process and style? We recorded the album at Louder Studios in Grass Valley with Tim Green, everything was recorded to 2” tape and we spent five days straight in the studio recording the album. We write mostly all together, someone will bring a riff or an idea and we’ll all just build on that and see where we can take it. A lot of the lyrics and some of the arrangements on the new album were written in the studio while recording. 💿 We’re listening the first self-titled single ..a real gem; What’s the matter of this choice? I love the cover of the album..Who made it? Thank you! On this new album Jake is now singing and playing guitar, and Mike just joined the band on drums. We wanted to release a song that showed a little bit of everything that we do and give everyone a taste of how the new record is going to sound. Our friend Alex Matus drew the cover to our album, she’s a great tattoo artist over here in the states check her out! (@doc_matus on Instagram) 💿 What’s your feeling about music business today and about a classic format like vinyl? Vinyl is doing great, there has been such a big demand for us to do vinyl, that’s why we’re pressing “Free Again” in vinyl right away and hope to do “Metal Masses” sometime soon as well! 💿 There's a new member in HELL FIRE line up..Can you tell us somethin’ about this new mate? Mike is the only new member and Jake is now playing guitar as well as singing. So we’ve gone from a 5 piece to a 4 piece. Jake has always been an amazing guitar player, before Hell Fire he had always played guitar and sang, so jumping into that role in the band was very natural for him. Mike played drums in a band called Hysteria with Jake since high school. So we’ve all known each other for awhile and our bands had been sharing the stage together for years. So when Arturo told us he was leaving the band it felt natural for Mike to come in and join. Mike really stepped up and right when he joined we focused on the new record. Rehearsing and writing for three months straight preparing for the studio. 💿 We’re living a golden age for traditional hard’n’heavy..for us It’s amazing, somethin’ unbelievable 15 years ago. Do you agree? Yes! There are so many great bands right now, it feels like the scene is growing all over the world. We’re really looking forward to playing in some new places with some of these killer bands coming out. 💿 Can you give us some info about your next gigs? Our next show will be our record release here in San Francisco August 18th. After that we will be playing Oakland with Bat September 30th. Then in October we will be playing the Frost and Fire Festival in Ventura, Ca followed by some west coast dates we will announce soon! Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!

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