💿 Hi, it’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal MARKUS BERGER of TRANCE, the classic metal band from Germany!! MARKUS BERGER: You're welcome! It's great to know, that we have many followers and fans all over Europe, especially in Italy, even one of my favorite places for wonderful vacation. 💿 Can you tell us something about the early times of the band..You were already around with bands like Scorpions or was a golden season for the hard’n’heavy scene.. MARKUS BERGER: When we started in the end of the 70ies, we didn't know, that our music is called "Heavy Metal"...we were just a group of young and wild rockers, and we played the music we loved. It was good pound harder and rougher, than the songs of our idols of Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath. The people liked it, and everywhere we've played, the crowd gained for more. Than we got a record deal and in that time, it was an honor to get the chance, to create and release an album, because the record company had to believe in you and they had to spent a lot of money into the band. Our success came overnight...the 8minutes epic song "Loser" hit the Top 10 charts and made the Break Out album famous. People said, that we are a Heavy Metal Band and that we are the creators of a new rock music style. We played many shows and worked at the same time with Accept and Scorpions at the Dirks Studios in Cologne. It was a fantastic time. 💿 A career of 40 years. What has been your best moment? MARKUS BERGER: For sure the moment in 1987, when we sit together for a big birthday party with our mates from Scorpions and Accept...Because, after working hard for years, that was the sign, that I reached the point to be established and respected as a musician. 💿 You’ve changed name in TRANCEMISSION in 1989..What’s the matter of this choice? MARKUS BERGER: Our former manager had been good, to bring us to a point, where the music scene respected us and offered us the possibilities for a worldwide career. But for the next step he had a lack of experience and we headed forward to work with international business partners. From that time he started to work against us and chained us with a 5 years lasting lawsuit, where also the bandname and logo was a case. So we had been forced to change the name - that was a career killer! When the case was finished, we could change the name back to Trance. 💿 Now we’re listening to the new platter THE LOSER STRIKES BACK; Are you satisfied about fans reaction? Can you tell us somethin’about the composition process? MARKUS BERGER: The reactions are excellent - we are totally happy, that on our new "The Loser strikes back" album we could melt together the spirit of the 80ies with a new modern power-rocking sound. It includes exciting new compositions and also 2 unreleased songs from the Trance pioneer days 1977/1978. My songwriting started in 1998 and I could choose out of hundreds of metal songs some of the best for this album. I love to compose epic classic rock and metalsongs – some with 12 minutes battles and some short and rough straight-into-the-face tracks...I want to give a positive powerfeeling to the people and to show with my lyrics some good ways to go for a better live and peace on earth. It was also big fun to record the songs in the old traditional style. It sounds much more live and transparent than most of modern metal-productions. 💿 The real “news” in music business is the return of vinyl; What’s your feeling about this classic format? MARKUS BERGER: Best news - really! A good record player and a vinyl album is offering a totally better and warmer metal-sound, than discs or mp3! The modern technics reduces to much in the music. That makes also the feeling totally different. I'm very glad, that our company Rockport Records offers our album on vinyl! 💿 What do you think about the renewed interest for Traditional Heavy Metal? It seems a new golden age for this kind of music.. MARKUS BERGER: It's a logical result and a stream against the power-overdosed and high-compressed new metal music! Even the hardest rock song has to "breathe" and to show many facettes of emotions to stay long time interesting after it has blown you away by first listening! Also the modern droptuning of the guitars gives a different darker feeling to the music. The traditional Heavy Metal does'nt need those tricks and gives you a much more powerful positive and „high“ feeling just with normal tuning. 💿 Can you tell us about your next live projects? MARKUS BERGER: At the moment the booking for a 3-week european tour has started. We would love to see you in Italy and welcome our fans there with a powerloaded and exciting old school and True-Heavy-Metal Show! 💿 Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL! (Thanks for MIKE MOELLER for cooperation)

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