Two months ago, on April 9th, it was the 1st day on line for our web page, born after FB, Instagram and Twitter pages. Thanks to over 50.000 (💣💣💣💣) visitors weekly read our specials, our posts, our exclusive interviews (23 in first two months!) on socials or on our website. Thanks to all artists, record companies and promoters that believe in our project, thanks to all will believe next in our project. Thanks to our team: Alessandro Lifonti, Andrea Katz, Karen Chen, Jennifer Rubin Portney, Terese Perna Waznys, Janet Savage, Corinne Rayne. Particularly thanks to these artists and bands for the cooperation in interviews: Sainted Sinners David Reece Official Praying Mantis UK Rock - Metal JOHN JAYCEE CUIJPERS Cloven Hoof Lee Andre Payne Chris Coss OMEN Kevin Goocher Blackmayne PHIL MCDERMOTT Tytan: The Official Facebook Page KEVIN RIDDLES Night Demon Lady Killer Felipe Hunter Evo Evans Seven Sisters GRAEME FARMER Satan's Empire Chrome Molly STEVE HAWKINS Rock Goddess Official TRACEY LAMB & JODY TURNER Troyen JEFF BADDLEY Witchtower Cirith Ungol ROBERT GARVEN Ronnie Romero Stallion PAULY Monument PETER ELLIS Great White MARK KENDALL Stereo Nasty ADRIAN FOLEY Manilla Road MARK SHELTON Syteria/Girlschool JACKIE CHAMBERS And It's only the beginning.. HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL ALWAYS...HARD'N'HEAVY IN NEW/OLD BEST TRADITION!!!

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