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We're here today to chat with a milestone in Hard Rock history as MARK KENDALL of GREAT WHITE!! 💿 We're all in waitin' for the new album FULL CIRCLE (June 2nd). Can you tell us somethin' about this new platter and the composition process? "We recorded the album in Nashville at WireWorld with Michael Wagener in Jan/Feb 2017. Nothing has ever changed with the writing process. We get together and show each other our musical ideas and we work on the ones we like." 💿 How is it different from ELATION (2012)? "I think the songs are better. The whole band is pleased with our new effort and we're excited to get the new music to our fans." 💿 Do you think the existence of two bands with similar names (GREAT WHITE and Jack Russell's Great White) can create confusion in the fans or not? "It hasn't really happened so far because we're the only "Great White" and we own the trademark. His name is prominent in front of the Great White name, so people know exactly what they're going to see. If he removed his name, that could become problematic." 💿 GREAT WHITE sold many albums in eighties; the music market is really different now and It's more difficult today to sell records. The real news in music industry is a step in the past, the vinyl. Do you like this classic format? " As far as radio, I don't mind the classic format but I wish they would include new music as well. A lot of bands have great new albums! I think vinyl is cool so we will have that available with our new release at" 💿 What means Led Zeppelin for you? "They created some great memories for me as a young teenager and were amazing songwriters!" 💿 GREAT WHITE is alive and kickin' our opinion the contribution of Terry Ilous is very important. Do you agree? "Yes, Terry brings a lot to the band and we are very proud of his performance on the new record." 💿 MICHEAL WAGENER is the producer of new album. Are you satisfied with your choice? What things did he bring in your sound and style? "He didn't do anything to change our style. He's is an upper echelon world renown producer/engineer. He threw some creative ideas our way while recording our tracks and made us sound great, basically. We had a lot of fun making the new record with him." 💿 Can you give us some info about next gigs? "Go to; for information on our upcoming shows. You can also get our new release Full Circle there. Our release will be accompanied by our making of the "Full Circle" album documentary. We hired a film company called Rockslide Entertainment to film behind the scenes & of us recording the album. The making of DVD is included in the same package with the new CD. And, a big thank you to all our fans for always being with us."

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