1. Hi, It’s a pleasure for us to have on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL RONNIE ROMERO, one of the best voices of our days!!

Thank you very much, my pleasure.

2. On June 2nd will be out your new platter, THE FERRYMEN, a brand new project featuring guitarist MAGNUS KARLSSON and drummer MIKE TERRANA. We’re seeing the 1st Single END OF THE ROAD…amazing track! Are you satisfied about this work?Will it be only a studio projector also a live band?

Absolutely satisfied and proud but not just about the album, to work with Magnus was an amazing experience because he is definitely one of my fav musicians, I really love is work on the Allen/Lande albums, so was great to get this opportunity to sing his songs. And then we add Mike on drums who is a killer drummer and one of my favs since Yngwie and Masterplan. Was a kind of a dream come true to make this record.

Right now it’s just a studio project, but we will see in the future if we can make some shows, why not.

3.You’re the voice of LORDS OF BLACK, authors of two wonderful album.Can you tell us somethin’about the next projects (in studio and live) of the band?

We are already working on the songs for the new album, the third, wich will be recorded on the next months, and in the meantime we have some summer festivals like RockFest in Barcelona, Wacken Open Air in Germany, ProgPower in Atlanta, and some dates around Europe co-headlining with Voodoo Circle. Plenty of work for the next 4 or 5 months for sure.

4. You’re also the voice of RAINBOW; in my opinion Ritchie Blackmoremade the right choice, you’re the worthy successor of RONNIE JAMES DIO..Is it exciting fill the role of legends like RONNIE, GRAHAM BONNET or J.L. TURNER?

Thank you very much. Well, it’s not easy from that point of view, obviously all the singers that you mentioned they are part of my biggest influences in rock music, and it’s impossible to replicate his talent, so, I just try to make justice to the songs in the best way I can, with so much respect, and enjoying every moment with Ritchie and the rest of the guys, the audience and fans. It’s a really enjoyable experience for a singer like me.

5. Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!

Thanks to you! And a big thank to all your audience and readers, for support and love to my and my projects.

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