💿Hi, It’s a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal ROBERT GARVEN, founding member and drummer of the legendary band CIRITH UNGOL!!

The crowd of KEEP IT TRUE Festival is literally gone mad for you concert a few days ago. What are your feelings about this epic gig? Rob: It was pretty amazing, looking out at the crowd and seeing everyone singing our songs was very special. We were very honored to be asked to play the 20th anniversary and will never forget this as long as we live. Metal heads from all over the world descended upon Lauda=Königshoffen to watch the band play our special brand of metal. Our record company Metal Blade Records also re-release our second album in a deluxe ultimate edition "King of the Dead", to coincide with the occasion, which was so amazing it blew us all away! All of these events were very emotional for the band and there was not a dry eye in the hall! 💿 I’ve read many interviews in the past stating the impossibility of a reunion. What is changed next? Rob: Jarvis Leatherby from Night Demon lives in our home town and he told me that when they traveled to Europe on tour they would see many fans wearing "Cirith Ungol" shirts, and patches, and many there had heard of our band and music. I had sworn a blood oath, that I would never play drums again, so I had always told him politely that I was not interested. Everything changed at the "Frost & Fire" festival in 2015. Oliver Weinsheimer from the "Keep it True Festival" had come over for the show. Jarvis and Oliver took the band aside to talk. Oliver had been contacting me for more than 10 years, with an interest to have the band play at his festival. I had always told him I was not interested and that I though we would never reunite, but never completely ruled it out. Jarvis said if we got back together he would manage the band and Oliver invited Tim and I over to the "Keep it True Festival IX" to check out the scene. We were treated like royalty and were so impressed that there was no doubt in our mind that we wanted to be part of this new metal scene! If it were not for these two gentlemen, the band would have never reformed. The band and our fans owe them both a debt of gratitude. As soon as were playing again we were honored to be offered to play at "Up the Hammers" which we are really looking forward to! 💿 The real “news” in music industry is the vinyl return..What is your opinion about this classic format? Rob: I think it is very cool. I always like the sound of vinyl, and was a reluctant convert to CD's. I also like the larger format so you can actually use the space that showcased the excellent cover art by Michael Whelan, that graced our studio albums! 💿 What is you opinion about the renewed interest for traditional heavy metal..Maybe there’s nothin’new to invent in our loved music? Rob: No that is crazy! I hear great new bands everyday it seems. I think the Internet has made it so easy to access everything; it has made it a bit more difficult to focus! We are gratified that so many new listeners are discovering "Cirith Ungol". We worked very hard for so many years to create this music, it is very rewarding to finally have a small level of recognition at last! 💿 Can you tell us somethin’ about the next projects of the band..We hope in a new album.. Rob: As you know we will be playing a limited number of rare appearances, and hope anyone that wants to see the band can make it to one of these. Our goal is to also put out another studio album. We are currently working on new songs and our goal is to have it be a very heavy album, along the lines of "King of the Dead"! Metal Blade Records also just released a complete box set of cassettes of our whole catalog! Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL! 💿 Rob: Thank you so much! In addition to "Keep it True Festival" and "Up the Hammers", we are playing twice more in Germany at "Chaos Descends" & "Hammer Of Doom Festival". We are playing a few festivals in the US "Defenders of the Old", in Brooklyn, New York, "Days of Darkness" in Baltimore, Maryland and "Psycho Las Vegas", however we are really hoping we can play some more shows in Europe, as that is where our major influences are from and most of the hardcore heavy metal fans! PS: Are you in Italy? I really want to play there!!! Ioove everything Italiano! Thank you for your interest in "Cirith Ungol" a "A Churning Maelstrom of Metal Chaos Descending!"

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