It's an honor for us to have guest on our pages PAUL "EVO" EVANS, a real legend in music history!

EVO EVANS talks on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL about new album "WARFARE", out on May 26th on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS.

"Over the years since retiring way back in the early 90’s I have had constant offers of playing in name bands, producing, mastering, offers of many record deals all of which I declined , fans asking am I considering doing another album etc etc, then I had the strangest dream a dark stormy dream verging into nightmare and the next day I started writing some lyrics and dug out my old very dusty bass guitar I then asked my dear friend of 35 years FRED PURSER if I could pop over to his studio and plug it into a valve amplifier, well I hit the first chord albeit I was a bit rusty and started riffing, he said for fucks sake turn it down as I play with a 50 pence coin and I was shaking the pens off the office desk then the fever just hit me again so I turned it up full what a glorious filthy fuckin noise, High roller Records had released some of the WARFARE back catalogue , I said I may be interested in writing some new songs and they signed me instantly .

The studios I used were all friends who I had known for many years and I knew the Studios were first class as if I do something I do it full on, or not at all and I knew I could get the unique original sound that I was after, I produced the whole album and FRED PURSER engineered he is amazing at this job and we work so well together just like we did back in the 80’s. I wanted to produce it as it is my creation and knew I could get it over the threshold of pain.

Warfare was my concept and creation I was still playing with the Blood then the Angelic Upstarts when I got the idea to blend both the sound of Punk with metal but on a scale that was so over the top it was total anarchy,full of hook laden riffs and lyrics that smelt of the street and had never been played like this before or so loud, thus the debut album was created Warfare Pure Filth, the brand new album is very original over the top, filthy dark and full on and yes very very LOUD! imagine the first 4 WARFARE albums with today’s production, this was the aim and boy have I achieved it only even more nasty .

The intention of this album was to write exactly like I did back in the day, the vocals have lost none of their bite just like I haven’t although I am more vicious now than I was back then.

Although this is a solo album it is just a WARFARE album remember I was the name, creator and founder ,and steered at the helm using many musicians before I ran out of ideas and decided to call it a day back in the early 90s. No WARFARE fans will be disappointed in fact they will be delighted and uplifted when they hear the new album, Motorheadbangers already think it’s a killer with a production SO FUCKIN LOUD!!

The lyrics are very deep & twisted , the dream & nightmare inspired me and also life itself seen through the eyes of myself a man who dosen’t know which side of the line to walk, is it insanity or normality and what is normality? None of it was ever for me, I write about reality things that many wouldn’t get or maybe would, the best way is to get a copy and read the lyrics and judge for yourselves www.hrrecords.de

My guest musicians are very special to me I think that FAST EDDIE CLARKE is one of the best guitarists and song writers in the world nothing surpasses that early MOTORHEAD stuff the solos are so intense and complicated and the songs are classics, I worked with Lemmy on the second WARFARE album METAL ANARCHY when he produced it for me and wanted to play with the very first Motorhead axeman , Ed plays guitar on the song MISANTHROPY (look up the meaning kids) and can you imagine BOMBER meets METAL ANARCHY in a dark sewer with today’s production, the term Thrash hadn’t been invented when I formed WARFARE but looking back it was ANVIL who first started that double guitar speed riffing and Ive always regarded ANVIL as the forerunners , Warfare the very first true crossover & ANVIL the very first thrash, LIPS is an amazing guitar player and so damned fast he brings a tremendous sprit to the album , HAWKWIND have to be the world’s first metal band, take off all the keyboards and you have a pure wall of driving noise, NIK TURNER brought so much to music and is still out there doing it, I first heard HAWKWIND when I was only ten years old so I asked Nik to get involved and he said it would be a pleasure, he narrates the HAWKWIND classic BRAINSTORM & SONIC ATTACK for the very first time in poetry form over an ugly driving guitar riff, Paul Gray played with The Damned and UFO but more importantly EDDY and the HOT RODS he wrote the classic DO ANYTHING YOU WANNA DO, I used to sit in class at grammer school day dreaming and singing that song, listen to the lyrics and you’ll know what I mean the rest is history.

At this point No to gigs ! But if I ever did I would need an amazing session band to back me, and yes I would play WARFARE songs as well as new ones but I seriously don’t ever think the live thing would happen, but hey the future is un written!

The album is on compact disc or deluxe collectors gate fold vinyl in blood red vinyl.

I write in my head first and somehow I have a gift of knowing what the end result will be, maybe like an oil painting, I am very much a perfectionist and don’t believe any album should have fillers just killers so it took me a good year and a half to write the album each song at a time, then one by one put down in various studios, so what you get in 50 mins or so took a very long time.

This is the first new material I have wrote in almost 25 years and the very first brand new Album in that time.

When I set out I was hungry and on a mission to better myself, kids now a days have 5 star bedrooms I had a bed & one wardrobe so rebellion was the only choice for me freedom and hate for society , no 9 to 5 shit fuck that & I think my music reflects this, the scene was very different back then London was filthy but vibrant and you never thought twice about dossing in a squat to achieve success ,I really lived it, all of it was for real and full on dangerous music was all I lived for , really you had to have some fuckin guts and determination just to survive , records sold in their thousands so if you did make it that was ok, there isn’t much of a scene now like there was back then and it was the most prolific time for rock music and like I say kids have nothing to rebel for these days, but it would be refreshing to have something original with what your life and future depended on.

Social media is ok up to a point, but is going to fast I came from a world where everyone went to clubs and pubs and conversed in that way, that’s how bands were formed not sitting at home in a 5 star fuckin bedrooms tapping screens, cut off all the plugs that’s my advice.

My dreams or nightmares, burn your face off with this WARFARE!! the heaviest album of 2017..".

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