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1. Hello guys, it’s a pleasure for us to have on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL PHIL McDERMOTT of the NWOBHM band BLACKMAYNE !

Hi Giovanni, thanks for the interview.

2. We’re listening to the cd-reissue of your first album with three new tracks; would you like to give the readers some info of the band from NWOBHM days?

Yeah, the original band were myself on guitars, Julian Sackett on Bass,

Richard Mathews on guitars, Tim Cooke on vocals and Andy Terry at the back on drums. In fact, the original band were just myself and Julian!....which is a bit too small to call a “band”. So we went recruiting around mates and came up with the lineup that made the orginal album. It all happened quite quickly because Ebony Records offered us a deal after hearing just two demo tapes.

3. The album will be out again on EAT METAL RECORDS. Can you tell us something about your relationship with the label?

We “met” Greg from EMR through Facebook. He was looking to see if we were interested in re-releasing the album. We hit a deal for 500 CDs and vinyl too (which is coming out in September). We’re also hoping to continue the relationship with a new album. We’ve written four new songs already and are looking at recording this summer with a top producer (although I can’t give any more details on that at the moment).

4. The real news in music industry is the vinyl’s return; what’s your feeling about this classic format?

Really looking forward to this. Exciting! I’ve still got a record deck at home, but rarely use it. I’ll definitely rack it up when the album comes out and stick the volumes on 11!

5. Can you give us some info about your next gigs?

We’ve had a lot of interest in gigs, but we were a bit too late for getting on the festival circuit for 2017. We’ve played BroFest in Newcastle in January, which was a great first gig, and we’re playing Athens in September, and we’re on at NWOBHM Festival in Sheffield in December too. We’re really looking forward to all of these gigs, and hopefully a few more. If anyone is interested in booking us, please PM the band on Facebook. See below writeup from the BroFest gig.

6. Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL! Keep it Rockin’ Giovanni! Cheers, Giovanni.


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