💿💿SPECIAL RECORD NEWS💿💿 A selection of record news by Hardrockheavymetal: 🎸APRIL 2017🎸 14TH Hellwell BEHIND THE DEMON'S EYES 21TH Axel Rudi Pell THE BALLADS V 21TH Night Demon DARKNESS REMAINS 21TH Wolf EDGE OF THE WORLD (REISSUE) 21TH Rhino Bucket THE LAST REAL ROCK'N'ROLL 21TH Warlord RISING OF OUT THE ASHES (REISSUE) 21TH Cloven Hoof WHO MOURNS FOR THE MORNING STAR? 21TH Labyrinth ARCHITECTURE OF A GOD 28TH ChaserTHE RAIDERS (LP) 28TH Phyne Tanquz S.T. (REISSUE) 28TH Mythra STILL BURNING 🎸MAY 2017🎸 05TH Burning Shadows TRUTH IN LEGEND 12ND Warrant LOUDER HARDER FASTER 12ND Snakecharmer SECOND SKIN 12ND Vanden Plas THE SERAPHIC LIVE WORKS 12ND Inglorious II 19TH The Dead Daisies LIVE & LOUDER 26TH Tytan JUSTICE: SERVED! 26TH Evo Evans WARFARE 26TH Rhapsody Of Fire LEGENDARY YEARS 29TH Macaxe ATTACK! (REISSUE) 🎸JUNE 2017🎸 02ND The Ferrymen S.T. 02ND Secret Sphere THE NATURE OF TIME 02ND Primal Fear ANGELS OF MERCY LIVE 02ND Jorn LIFE ON DEATH ROAD


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