1. Hello guys, it’s a pleasure for us to have on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL KEVIN GOOCHER, singer of OMEN, a real legend in heavy metal history!

Thank you so much for the compliment and it is a great honor to be included in HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!

2. We’re in waiting for your return in Europe in April and May. Can you tell us somethin' about the setlists of these gigs?

Yes, we are very excited to return back to Europe. this will be one of our largest tours so far, this many dates at one time! The setlist will be a bit different this time. Of course we will be playing the songs that are most requested, but we will adding a song that many of our fans have been requesting for years and years and the song has never been played live by Omen ever. I won’t say which one it is! if you want to find out, you should come to a show. We will also be doing a song or two off of the new CD, Hammer Damage. But, as always everyone can expect to hear Battle Cry, Teeth Of The Hydra and other favorites.

3. METAL BLADE has published reissues of the first three milestones of the band with high quality but with mid price. What do you think about the renewed interest for a classic format like vinyl?

I like the packaging and the colored vinyl. I think they did a nice job with it. Sadly, Omen probably won’t see a dime from the reissues and they as always will reap the profits. We always love the renewed interest in Omen! Honestly i think interest in Omen has always been there. We have a great core following that has been there with us forever. We are very lucky that way. If some people have found us for the first time or maybe refound the band, hey that makes us happy too. The more the merrier!!!

4. Are you satisfied how was been rejected your last album, HAMMER DAMAGE?

REJECTED???? Hmmm!!! The CD sold really well. We don’t see it as a rejection. We got just as many favorable reviews as not and I can tell you we made a bunch of new fans from the CD too. I think most of the dislike was regarding the production. But, honestly if you put it next to Battle Cry and Warning Of Danger, I think it holds up to the test. And those who didn’t listen to the CD all the way through, then shame on you. Those songs are some of the best Omen has ever written. In my opinion it is the album that should have come right after The Curse!

5. Many fans want a new Omen album..Can you tell somethin'about?

Thats great news and we are happy to oblige. We are releasing a split single with our metal brothers from Greece, Battleroar. The split single will be on vinyl and they are making a limited 666 copies. On one side it will have our new song, “Up From The Deep” and the other side will have the new song by Battleroar called “Stronghold”. They both sound great. I think everyone will throw the horns up on both of these. It can be ordered through Cruz Del Sur music, but Omen will be releasing our song on April 27th digitally and it will be available on iTunes, Amazon and just about everywhere you can buy downloads. The release date is the day before our Keep It True Festival appearance and the start of our European tour. I can say that if “Up From The Deep” is any indication as to what will be on the next CD then Omen fans will be ecstatic! Too, we are in talks with Bill Metoyer to be the Producer for the next CD. For those who don’t know he did Battle Cry, Warning Of Danger, the Curse and the Nightmares EP! We’re going old school !!!!!!

6. Thank you so much for your time! See you soon on HARDROCKHEAVYMETAL!

Thank you so much. Its always an honor to be included by our friends in the media. We appreciate people like you who inform the masses and keep everyone up to date on the state of metal. And thanks to all who read this. Check out Omen. We can be found on Facebook and our music can be heard everywhere and theres even videos on YouTube. We hope to see all of our European friends at a show or two during the tour!!!!!

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