It's awesome the number of new bands with new albums in the last year. Defending the past but viewing the future.. This is a little selection of our fav works, in alphabetical order: Ambush from SWEDEN DESECRATOR on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS Armory from SWEDEN with WORLD PEACE..COSMIC WAR on High Roller Records Ascalon from UK REFLECTIONS on No Remorse Records Axe Crazy from POLAND RIDE ON THE NIGHT on NO REMORSE RECORDS Booze Control from GERMANY THE LIZARD RIDER on Inferno records Dexter Ward from GREECE RENDEZ VOUS WITH DESTINY on NO REMORSE RECORDS Demon Bitch from USA HELLFRIENDS on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS Hell Fire from USA METAL MASSES distr. @INFERNO RECORDS High Spirits from USA MOTIVATOR on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS Kryptos from INDIA BURN UP THE NIGHT on AFM Records Lady Killer from ECUADOR distr. INFERNO RECORDS Lord Vigo from GERMANY BLACKBORNE SOULS on No Remorse Records Rising Steel from FRANCE RETURN OF THE WARLORD Seven Sisters from UK S.T. on HIGH ROLLER RECORDS Witchunter from ITALY BACK ON THE HUNT in Blasphemous Art Records Witchtower from SPAIN HAMMER OF WITCHES on EVEN THINK METAL RECORDS

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