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To celebrate the cooperation with Alessandro Lifonti, we talk with DAVID REECE, known in the past as the singer of Bangalore Choir, ACCEPT and BONFIRE and now as the founding member of Sainted Sinners, a super-group with Frank Pané of BONFIRE and Ferdy Doernberg of Axel Rudi Pell, with a self-titled album out in the stores. 💿 When did you come up with the idea of starting Sainted Sinners? Hi and first let me say hello to everyone and thank you for the oppurtunity to speak with you all. Frank (PANÉ) came to my house in ITALY after the Bonfire disaster in CLUSONE (P.S. near MILAN, the last concert of DAVID REECE with Bonfire), many of you were there and it was my last show with them as I only found out a short while before the show. I planned on leaving BONFIRE anyway because frankly I couldn't stand working with ZILLER any longer. So Frank came here to make things right and ask if I would consider working with him to which I agreed after a long chat about our working relationship before. He played me one song which I think we finished in a short time that day we call it "TRUTH IS A LIE". Then he left me a long list of new music which just jumped out of the speakers to me and I found very easy to write to. 💿 Let's talk about the songwriting and the making of the record. I believe it's strong hard rock that comes from the 70's... Yes your correct! Frank and I love groups like UFO, Rainbow and Deep Purple, there's definitely those influences there. Frank's guitar playing is very versatile and he's a real talent so the album has many great guitar textures. I love soulful bluesy hard rock vocals and love big harmonies so that's was my input. 💿 Will you promote the album with a tour? Yes, we're touring now in Europe and we plan to tour the U.S. in the summer as well as Canada and there are festivals around the world we're talking with as well so yes this is a real group not just a project that changes members every minute! See you on your my friends!

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