BAND Ültra Raptör


LABEL Fighter Records

OUT Nov 9th, 2021


Canadian Speed HM band ÜLTRA RAPTÖR is ready to unleash on Fighter Records their debut album entitled "Tyrants".

ÜLTRA RAPTÖR were formed in 2015 and in 2017 they released their self-released first EP "Ültra Raptör".

In late 2020, the band began recording their debut album "Tyrants", which was finished in early summer 2021 and immediately led to their signing with Fighter Records.

Ten songs in this first full-lenght opened by MISSILE (METAL WARRIOR), a great example of old-school speed metal, enhanced by pounding drums and roaring bass, with excellent solo parts and dynamics vocals.

More classic following CYBORG-REX, while TAKE ME BACK, is closer again to speed and traditional HM.

AN OFFERING TO THE TYRANT is both powerful and epic, with a Maiden’s touch, but there’s no shortage of more pressing passages.

NIGHTSLASHER is another fast run with solo parts to remark, followed by GALE RUNNER, traditional HM with shredding solo parts that hit us.

They go on with THE QUEST FOR RELICS, epic WINDS FOR VENGEANCE and fast CAUSTIC SHOWER, before brilliant SPACE FIGHTER ends in the best way this debut that we suggest without hesitation!!


01. Missile (Metal Warrior)

02. Cybörg-Rex

03. Take Me Back

04. An Offering to the Tyrant

05. Nightslasher

06. Gale Runner

07. The Quest for Relics

08. Winds of Vengeance

09. Caustic Shower

10. SpaceFighter (442 AlphaClass Pegasus SubC35.2)

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