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💿 Hi, it's a pleasure for us to have on Hardrockheavymetal MARTIN GUT of ÅSKVÄDER.. Welcome!

Thank you! The pleasure is ours.

💿 Can you introduce your current line-up of the band?

Åskväder is a four piece band with Albin Sörenson on vocals, August Waernelius on drums, Kammo Olayvar on bass and backing vocals and me, Martin Gut on guitars and backing vocals.

💿 Two years of covid madness and now this insane war..Can we get back to normal, in your


I really hope so, people need to meet and to be able to laugh together and have a cold one if mankind shall survive. We have been longing to get back on the stage again and actually did our first real gig (with no restrictions) the past weekend.

It was amazing and we have a nice plan for the spring with tours in Sweden, Spain and Germany. Really looking forward to that.

In regards to Covid we really hope it is over - and about the war the question in our mind is - haven't we learned from history? We thought mankind had finally become civilized. It is a true shame that evil people are allowed to govern our world.

💿 On March 25th will be out your new full-length entitled FENIX, positive received on our

pages. Can you tell us somethin about its composition process and style?

That is correct! Will be awesome to release the album. Thank you so much for appreciating it.

It is a rock n roll album full of energy with catchy tunes and a span of different influences.

A lot of pop and blues has influenced us of course as it is an Åskväder album.

What's new is that we recorded it live, something that truly put a nice vibe to it.

The previous album and our first EP was not recorded in this way and we can really say it was a success doing it live.

It really captures the sound and feeling we want to communicate with our music.

The songs were written during the pandemic and then recorded over a 7 day studio session.

Felt really nice to make it in a short period of time to keep the focus on the songs and the result.

💿 FENIX is out on THE SIGN RECORDS. Can you tell us somethin about relationships with


The Sign truly are mecenates of culture and especially of rock music.

We could not think of a better partner to work with.

They are easy going, still well planned and professional and have an ear for good music.

We have been talking over the years before our partnership started and they have always been polite, friendly and interested.

💿 We love the cover of FENIX ..Can you tell us somethin about?

Thanks, how nice to hear. The cover is inspired by the cover of our first LP released in 2020.

The thought was to make a sequel graphically speaking.

So the first one was showing an ocean with thunderclouds, a typical view here in Gothenburg in Sweden. Fenix is showing a different part of Sweden with fields and a windmill.

We really wanted to create a connecting thread between the two.

The artist that has made both the covers is called Johan Leion and he is a true genius.

💿 Can you tell us something about your next projects?

We are already in the process of composing songs for the third album - so there's a quite nice pile there already. During spring 2022 we will play in Europe and focus on the live side and maybe record something.

Palmer Turner Overdrive

The Sign Records

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